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2011 Posters Revealed

Art4Now has released the designs of the 2011 Jazzfest posters and Bayou Wear.

2011 Jazz Fest Poster:  Busking Out: Becoming Jimmy Buffett, by Garland Robinette

2011 Congo Square Poster:  Everything Old is Renewed Again™: Fats Houston. A Portrait in Dignity by Kenneth Scott, Jr.

2011 Bayou Wear:  Birds of Paradise: Flight of Fancy by Kathy Schorr

Click the View Comments link below to see the publisher's descriptions and edition & pricing details.

All of these can be ordered now, for post-Fest delivery.  Order online at http://www.art4now.com.

Edit to add:  Click here to view an interesting video of Garland Robinette talking about the poster.

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